Product Lines that perform as promised.

We’ve got label-friendly dough conditioners and extraordinary enzyme technology that master the art of Baking.

We work very closely with bakers to strategically develop innovative baking ingredients that bring exceptional flavor, extended shelf life, and astonishing simplicity to delicious baked goods. REPCO BAKERY SOLUTIONS  positively impact your bakery’s bottom-line while meeting the modern consumer’s cravings for a clean-label lifestyle.

SR 250, NF PLUS, DR 400

Simple Replacers TM


Cool Solutions TM

CL 260 

Clarity TM

ESL 1, Ultimate ESL 5, Zyme ESL 1650

Ultimate ESL TM

Artisan Bake 125  

ArtisanBake TM

EZ Stretch Pizza

EZ Stretch Tortilla

EZ Stretch TM


Ed Mlotek

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Jere Standing

Sales Account Manager


Jodi Torres

Sales Account Manager

Customer Service


Phone: 785-825-2181


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