World-Class Ingredients

Custom Premix Blends, State-of-the-Art Equipment, and On-site Tech Services 

REPCO currently manufactures over 80 different types of Enrichment Concentrate premixes. Typically, these premixes are added to flour as it is processed or transferred. REPCO Enrichment Concentrates can be manufactured to contain any combination of vitamins and minerals packaged to suit your needs.


  • Custom Premix Blends

  • Custom Designs

  • Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Installation

  • Ongoing Services

Respected globally, REPCO is proud to provide over half of the vitamin blends used by America’s flour mills and in over 46 countries worldwide. Utilizing clean, simple world-class ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment, REPCO is positioned to meet your blending requirements while providing the highest degree of service, reliability and outstanding customer support.   

Outstanding Customer Service 

  Personalized Solutions, Rapid Response, and On-Time Delivery 

​Trusted since 1946, REPCO makes turn-key ingredient systems to match the specific needs for each and every customer.  We specialize in loss and weight dispensing systems that provide exact ingredient feeding and precise chlorine delivery.

  • Experienced, dedicated staff

  • Top-tier analytical equipment

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment

  • Facility Security plan consistent with Bio Terrorism Act

  • FSSC 22000 Certified

  • HACCP program

  • Statistical Process Control programs

  • Laboratory performance testing

  • Inbound raw material tracking and testing program

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Innovation that You Can Trust

Custom Design, State-of-the-Art Equipment,  Internationally-Approved Standards 

CUSTOM DESIGN.  A 3-D drawing of your custom system is created so that your team can clearly see everything imagined laid out on paper.  An expert designer will study every detail with you and troubleshoot every aspect before your system is actually installed in your mill.  

CUSTOM SCOPE. The size and scope of the custom system that REPCO can create is significant. From smaller stand sizes to larger structures that can hoist super sacks up and automatically unload them to connected feeders--REPCO can custom design to meet the unique needs of your operation. Gravity, pneumatic--any type and size is possible. 

STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT.  At our corporate headquarters in Salina, Kansas, REPCO has a fully equipped and staffed, on-site machine fabrication shop. We manufacture state-of-the-art equipment that includes feeders, chlorine dispensers and supporting delivery systems. For over three decades we have manufactured dry additive ingredient dispensing systems engineered and built to accurately feed a variety of powders that have a broad range of densities and flow characteristics. 

INTERNATIONALLY APPROVED STANDARDS. REPCO is ISO 17025 certified on both the pre-mix samples that we provide to customers as well as for testing that the client's sample results are performing to certification levels. REPCO has earned the reputation of getting the balance exactly right every time--no overages, no waste.  We know that ingredients need to be added reliably and consistently on an enormous scale. Too little will fall short of FDA levels; too much wastes valuable ingredients and causes financial loss.

TRACEABILITY.  We can offer lot tracking capability and precision feeding that offers an industry breakthrough for modern, smart mills.

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  • FSSC 22000 Certified

  • HACCP program

  • ISO 17025 certified lab

  • Statistical Process Controls 

  • Facility Security plan consistent with Bio Terrorism Act

  • Inbound raw material tracking and testing program



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