Single ingredient replacers that retain functionality, and replace chemical names on labels while reducing costs.

Product Line:

SR 250 Conditioner
A Non-GMO enzyme system designed to replace dough strengthening emulsifiers. SR 250 is 4X stronger than SSL and 2X stronger than DATEM.


NF Plus

Our most popular enzyme preparation designed to replace distilled monoglycerides (E471). Handling is easy and  processing adjustments are minimal.


DR 400 Conditioner

A label friendly enzyme preparation that enables the replacement of DATEM (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono-and  diglycerides, E472) in yeast raised products. DR  400 is 4x the concentration of DATEM.  Bakers will achieve the same dough conditioning properties without the necessity of declaring DATEM on the label.  DR  400 is easy to use and more economical than DATEM.

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